Sydney Airport welcomes the Airbus A350

Sydney welcomes the Airbus A350

Kerrie Mather, Sydney Airport CEO says, “Sydney Airport continues to be a hub for new generation, quieter aircraft and we’re delighted to be the first Australian airport to welcome the Airbus A350,”

The Airbus A350 family features a fuselage comprising more than 50 per cent composite materials which means it is lighter, requires less fuel to operate and is more efficient to maintain.  The Airbus Airbus A350 has a longer range than existing models of its type, capable of flying up 8,500 nautical miles. This would allow non-stop services from Australia to many US cities and virtually all of South America which will open up new routes and destinations for airlines with the potential to carry up to 400pax.

The Airbus A350 XWB is expected to go into commercial service later this year and the Airbus A350XWB borrows many of its systems from the A380, which has been highly popular around the world.  Sydney Airport was proud to host the world’s first commercial service of the A380 in 2007. Since then, they have continued to welcome many new generation aircraft including the Airbus A350 today. The aircraft landed at 6am this morning and will be departing for Auckland at 2pm.

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