Simulator Assessment

Simulator Assessment for Professional Pilots

We are able to provide simulator assessment training for most assessments in state of the art Full Flight Simulators - the same Full Flight Simulators used by airlines to check and train their own flight crew. We have access to the best simulators available!

We have ensured that we utilise only the best equipment so that every simulator assessment is delivered to the highest standard. You may be able to get a simulator assessment with a competitor cheaper but by doing so you are missing out not only on the Best Quality but also the Best Service by the Best Pilots in the business and we know your career is a valuable asset to you.


Our rates are the best available!

The simulator assessment training is completed in a CASA Certified Full Flight Simulators . This is the same level of simulator approved for checking and training of professional ATPL qualified airline pilots.

You cannot find that level of simulator available anywhere else in Australia.

Pilotlife Group Pty. Ltd. have a comprehensive simulator assessment training programs specifically designed to meet the stringent standards of each airline. Our Simulator Instructors have the experience you need in order to pass your sim check.

You can practice your skills prior to your interview simulator assessment, click to buy now!

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