Pilot Interview Preparation

"Our mission is to show you how to land that pilot job." 

GlobalPilotLife.com will explain in detail what you have to do to make that important first impression that leads to your success!  Remember the first impression is often the only and lasting one you leave with your interviewers.  With our Pilot Interview Preparation course teach you the industry tricks and techniques that others have mastered before succeeding at their own aviation interviews. As pilots we have been through this process ourselves, that's why we understand your needs and career aspirations. Our methods do really work!  We specialize in Airline & Regional Pilot Interview Preparation.  

Allow us to put our aviation experience to work for you!

How we can get YOUR Career off the ground

This is how we can help you:

      1) Create, assist and/or review your resume 

Our industry professionals are here to make your CV look it's best, don't let your CV be tossed in the bin!

Resume Building


2) Conduct pilot interview preparation and mock interviews In the following ways:

  •  One-on-one in person

  •  One-on-one over the phone

  •  Via Web-enabled video conferencing

Ever been on a blind date? An pilot interview can be 100x worse, that first impression does last and yes people do read a book by it's cover! We are here to assist you in making a memorable first impression.



3) Simulator Assessment Training

"I think i was nervous and i didn't get through" -  Sound like you? Your not alone this can be quiet challenging and it's your time to shine. Let us guide you through the process and shake those nerves so you get the job!


4) Our Career Mentoring Services are your professional development activity and we can match your needs no matter what your career objectives are.

Wondering what your next career move is going to be? Need expert advice? Or do you ask yourself "How did they get that job with the airline?" Our career mentoring is your opportunity to learn form the best, it really is a vital investment in your aviation career!

Are you doing the best for your aviation career?

If not it's now time to act and invest by enrolling in our Pilot Interview Preparation Course.

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