Qantas delivers 747 to HARS, Wollongong

This morning precisely at 07:49EST a spectacular sight emerged from the North of Albion Park Airfield (YWOL). A Qantas 747-400 registered VH-OJA lined up on final to deliver the aircraft to the HARS Museum. The now ex-qantas aircraft will become a static display at the museum and a tourist attraction for the Wollongong community.

The Qantas 747-400 made a spectacular landing viewed by thousands of aviation enthusiasts. This will become the final resting place for the Qantas aircraft as it does not have the capability to take-off and depart the airfield due to the short runways.

VH-OJA QF 744 YWOL 4-1017

"What a terrific sight, and an amazing job by the Qantas pilots" a onlooker was quoted as saying.

A special thanks to Trey Pearson for the Images

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