Global Pilot Life’s Top 10 Aviation Podcasts

Whether you are an aviation professional, frequent flyer or aviation enthusiast, it is always beneficial to keep up to date with what is going on in the industry.

With multiple media options available at our disposal; newspapers, magazines, youtube videos, apps and so on, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as a source for industry news and current events, education and entertainment.

There are a number of interesting and informative aviation podcasts available from all over the world and Global Pilot Life have compiled a list, in no specific order, of what we think are the top 10 aviation podcasts available on iTunes and other podcast platforms;


  1. Go Flying Australia (Aus)

A newcomer to the podcast world, Go Flying Australia is a very informative podcast, utilising guests from the aviation industry that offer insights into their careers in aviation and what to expect for people working their way up in the industry. Guests have included Air Racer and former RAAF pilot Matt Hall, airline pilots and hosts of the Plane Talking UK podcast. Very highly recommended for pilots involved in the Australian aviation community.


  1. Plane Crazy Downunder (Aus)

Hosts Grant McHerron and Steve Visscher discuss the latest in aviation throughout the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific region. Along with regular contributors, the guys are always out and about, interviewing pilots and veterans of the industry, reporting from airshows and events, and discussing industry news. They also contribute a segment to the Airplane Geeks podcast, just to add to their busy and 'Plane Crazy' schedule.


3.  Just Plane Radio (US)

An upbeat and fun radio broadcast and podcast, featuring 'Captain Keith', 'Captain Ed' and 'co-pilot Greg'. They invite regular guests from the industry to discuss and give expert opinions on various topics, and welcome listeners to call in and participate in the conversation. They discuss a range of topics, including aviation news and current events.


  1. (US)

Presented by aviation safety expert Dr. Todd Curtis, the show features recent appearances in the media by Mr. Curtis. He discusses the latest aviation safety issues and recent industry events. Topics range from recent accidents to changes in laws that involve passengers and industry professionals. A very informative and educational podcast that is well worth the listen.


  1. Aviatorcast (US)

Host Chris Palmer discusses a variety of aviation topics, mostly from a training and flight sim perspective. He delves into the different challenges novice pilots will face, offering an educational and academic perspective, as well as the occassional "hangar talk" with inspirational guests. Chris, who owns a flight simulator training company known as "Angle of Attack", is dedicated to inspiring his listeners to becoming better aviators . A must for all learning to fly.


  1. Xtended (UK)

Host Pieter Johnson, along with co-hosts Gareth and Tim (both editors in aviation publications), discuss aviation news and topics from around the world. They include guests from the industry, as well as answering questions submitted by listeners. The show also contributes a segment to the Airplane Geeks podcast entitled "Across the Pond". A great podcast from the UK.


  1. Plane Talking UK (UK)

This fun and easy going podcast features hosts Carl and Matt (a pilot and aviation enthusiast respectively), discussing the news and current events in the industry in a detailed and comprehensive style. One of the more popular podcasts from the UK and well worth the listen.



  1. Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase (US)

Join Betty, a bubbly flight attendant for a major US airline as she relays quirky and fun stories from her experiences on the job. This lighthearted and unique podcast is well worth the listen and is entertaining for all audiences.


  1. Airplane Geeks (US)

Possibly one of the most informative and comprehensive aviation podcasts available, each week the Airplane Geeks crew discuss the latest in commercial, military and aviation topics, and usually incorporate a prominent industry guest.

The regular host Max Flight, and regular co-hosts Rob Mark, David Vanderhoof, Brian Coleman and Max Tresscott, all consist of aviation professionals and enthusiasts who all bring something interesting to the show.

The content includes the latest news, guests, a history segment, a blog segment, contributions from the Xtended UK podcast and the Plane Crazy Downunder podcast and a listener feedback section. Well worth the weekly listen.


  1. Airline Pilot Guy (US)

Captain Jeff Nielson presents this quirky and intimate podcast, reporting on the latest aviation news and discussion topics. He reflects on his own working week in travel, sometimes includes the ocassional guest, encourages feedback from the listeners by giving his own professional advice as well as offering 'meet-ups' wherever he may be on layover. Very highly recommended.


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