Diamond DA42-V1 Demonstration Tour 

SYDNEY, BANKSTOWN - the newest version of the Diamond DA42 aircraft, the V1, was on show at Sydney's Bankstown airport last Saturday, the first stop on a demonstration tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Global Pilot Life was there to witness the high-tech aircraft as Hawker Pacific showcased the plane's dynamic capabilities, performance and design aspects.

"The aircraft’s extended range, long endurance, advanced avionics and the astoundingly low fuel consumption of the Jet-A1-powered engine means you’ll have everything you need, and more, whatever your mission." said Nick Jones, Vice President of aircraft sales at Hawker Pacific.

"We are excited to be bringing the DA42-V1 to potential buyers in Australia and New Zealand and look forward to showcasing its impressive features, power and performance."


With significant improvements in many areas, the latest version of the twin-engined turbodiesel aircraft offers faster, lighter, unprecedented performance and economy than earlier versions, such as the DA42-NG.

Safety and Design features of the DA42-V1 include;

-Carbonfibre Cell with 26G crash tolerance.

-On-demand satellite weather and METAR information via an integrated weather radar system in the nose.

-G1000 glass cockpit avionics.

-Infrared "Third Eye" technology for IFR operations.

-Shorter takeoff and landing distances.

-Strenghened landing gear.

-New prop, and improved wing fairings and cowling design.

-Built-in Oxygen supply.

-Operating ceiling of 18,000 feet and a maximum cruise speed of 197 knots, 20 knots faster than its predecessor.

-A range of 1,212nm and fuel consumption rate of 10.4 US Gallons per hour.

Hawker Pacific will be showcasing the high-tech DA42-V1 during October and November in New South Wales (Sydney, Dubbo, Port Macquaire), Queensland (Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Archerfield, Bundaberg), Victoria (Moorabbin), South Australia (Adelaide), and New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Palmerston North, Christchurch).

-Article by Luke Hague, Global Pilot Life Writer and Pilot.

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